Electrical operated monitor (MME)

MME model electric operated monitors combine all features of MM/2V model double hand wheel controlled monitor's with electrical actuators orientate the monitors at vertical and horizontal plane. C.S.I. S.r.l. offers a vast range of electrical operated monitors from simple to complex controlling logics. MME monitors are designed to be used in an ATEX environment with standard motor-redactors and also with combinations of Intelligent Auma® controllers. MME monitors are certified with SIL-2 safety integrity level construction operation certificates.
MME model monitors can be supplied together with electric control panels described in the next sections or supplied alone to integrate them to existing plant automation systems. Electric controlled monitors are subjected to functional tests at our company before shipment.
Simple electric operated monitors are equipped with conventional electric motors with redactor mechanisms which supported by fully integral gears protection cases houses transmission shaft of the movement to worm-wheel mechanism. The movement transmitted to the shaft passing through a mechanical friction clutch works as a mechanical movement limiting device. When movement limits are reached on a vertical or horizontal plane, the friction clutch absorbs the movement energy and cuts the transmission of the movement to monitor while the motor-redactor still keeps rotating. This simple equipment eliminates the necessity of additional cabling and reduces costs of the control panel since limit switches are absent on the monitor, only conventional movement inverters are needed on the control panel for each movement. The transmission shaft comes together with hand wheels, which are connected directly to the movement mechanism to use the monitor manually in case of power failure.
Additional options are available for the simple electric operated monitors such as electrical limit switches or position transmitters which may convert the simple electric operated monitors to create self-oscillating functions to keep an area protected by monitors.
MME model electric operated monitors, on request can be equipped by Auma® multi turn actuators thanks to their intelligent technology converting simple electric monitors to programmable, interactive firefighting equipment to be used in complex scenarios. Auma® multi turn controllers come with integral electro mechanic limit switches, torque switches and potentiometer type analogue position transmitter giving flexible controlling options to be operated by the control panel. Usage of Auma® controllers eliminates the necessity to use mechanical limits or other equipment needed to operate simple monitors such as mechanical friction clutch systems thanks to the reliable high quality and precise design of these controllers. Its special fully chestnut like housing, and no maintenance need makes it a perfect option to operate electrical monitors as a choice of major fire protection equipment manufacturers.
C.S.I. S.r.l. supplies MME series monitors with an onboard electric connection junction box which is available also in ATEX classified version where all motors are already cabled to the junction box. Customers are responsible to come with their wire and enter our junction box for the prevised terminal strips reserved for them.
If the electrical controlled monitors are going to be used in an environment where temperature variations are faced in a short time, actuators can be equipped with an internal anti-condense heaters to prolong equipment life. Standard working voltages are 3-Phase,400/240V AC, 50Hz or 1-Phase, 240V AC,50 Hz. Protection class of the actuators are available up to IP68 which creates a robust equipment to function in harsh environment. While standard working temperatures for monitors are -20/+50°C, for extremely cold environments, C.S.I. S.r.l. adapts the raw material to satisfy functionality of the equipment up to -60°C with low temperature steels, alloys etc.
MME model monitors have 3”-4”-6”-8” waterway passages which enable the whole monitor system to handle flow rates up to 40.000 l/min. with combinations of discharge devices available from our product range.

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