Monitor Towers are structural equipment used to increase the coverage area of firefighting monitors to approach a fire from a certain height above ground for example marine terminals, loading bays or storage tank farms where it is necessary to pass over high obstacles to reach the fire source. The challenge starts here since; the construction should stand by itself, be resistance to wind and seismic activities, handle reaction forces caused by the monitor and externally house all platforms, access ladders, conduit pipes etc. externally and should carry firefighting water/solution up to the extremity of the construction where the firefighting monitor is installed. Monitor towers, are usually constructed from Structural carbon steel materials. Material characteristics as shape, grade and thickness are selected according to calculations produced by a special FMEA software. Standard monitors are designed according to Euro Code standard series EN 1990, 1991, and 1993 etc. Steel constructions are classified according to several aspects such as consequence class, service category and materials used. Monitor towers are subject to strict design and construction regulations according to the new European regulations, designed and produced in conformity with EN 1090-1 and EN 1090-1 with a CE mark and notified body's number.
C.S.I. S.r.l. has obtained EN 1090 certification from a recognized third party organization and has the capability to construct firefighting towers with CE marking according to EN 1090. Monitors towers simply consisting of a base flange and a tubular structure connected to the base flange, which carries the complete structure. The entre construction is made out of structural steels. C.S.I. S.r.l. uses internal water/solution carriage pipes, which run together with the structural main pipe. At the lower levels a connection pipe introduces the water/solution into the system and the connection flange at the extremity of the tower, creates a connection point for firefighting monitors. Working or resting platforms are designed according to ISO EN 14122-2 and fixed marine type access ladders between the platforms and the ground level are designed according to ISO EN 14122-4 provided as access means to the monitor systems. All intermediate or upper platforms are always confined with anti-fall protection and handrails. The Upper platform of tower defines the type of the tower as a fixed platform or rotating platform towers. Fixed platform towers are attached permanent to the structure and Rotating platforms are equipped with a rolling mechanism, which takes movement from the monitor's horizontal movement motor and orientates itself according to the monitor's branch pipe direction. Rotating platforms are generally chosen where monitors should be aimed to minus depression angles to fight fire in the proximity of the towers base.

On request, a spray cooling system runs together with the structure provided to protect it from exposure. Cooling systems may be fed from a separate firefighting water source or from the same main line, which feeds the monitor. Fire proofing with cementitous coating cycles are available on request. On request hot dip galvanization may be offered to our clients to protect equipment from corrosion. C.S.I. S.r.l. uses an earthing plate at the tower base for static electric transfer to earth. If requested, a Junction box at the base of the tower and conduit piping which protects the cables physically and also cabling according to ATEX or Non-hazardous area requirements with suitable cables, cable glands etc.

Torre porta monitore
Monitor towers
Model TPM & TPM/G

Specifiche - Specifications

Altezza (H): da 2,5 a 25 m Height (H): from 2,5 up to 25 m
Diametro (A) del ballatoio superiore: 2300 mm Upper platform diameter (A): 2300 mm
Norme di riferimento: EUROCODE EN 1990,1991 e 1993 Design Code: EUROCODE EN 1990,1991 e 1993
Pressione di progetto: 16 bar Design pressure: 16 bar
Pressione di lavoro massima: 16 bar Max. working pressure: 16 bar
Struttura portante: acciaio al carbonio Main pipe: carbon steel
Tubo interno di alimentazione: acciaio al carbonio Internal feed pipe: carbon steel
Scala in acciaio al carbonio con protezione costruita in accordo alla norma ISO 14122-4 Carbon steel safety ladder with protection constructed according to the norm ISO 14122-4
Piattaforma superiore (intermedia di riposo) con piano antiscivolo; botola di accesso; ringhiera con protezione costruita in accordo alla norma ISO EN 14122-2 Upper (intermediate) platform with anti-slip grating; trap door; security railing constructed according to the norm ISO EN 14122-2
Esecuzione adatta ad installazione in ambiente corrosivo marino Projected for external installation in marine corrosive environment
Impianto di raffreddamento della torre composto da:
  • valvola a sfera di intercettazione
  • tubazione in acciaio al carbonio, flangiato ANSI o ISO
  • ugelli di raffreddamento in bronzo
  • valvola di drenaggio
Tower cooling system consist of:
  • cut-off ball valve
  • pipe in carbon steel, flanged ANSI or ISO
  • cooling bronze nozzles
  • drain valve
Finitura: ciclo di verniciatura CSI#1 (clicca qui) Finish: coating cycle CSI#1 (clicca qui)

Specifiche - Specifications

Marcatura a CE secondo EN 1090 CE marking according to EN 1090
Calcoli strutturali in funzione di: forza di reazione, velocità del vento, zona sismica Structural calculations of: reaction force, wind velocity, sismic zone
Ballatoio superiore girevole Rotating upper platform
Materiali per basse temperature Low temperature materials
Tubo interno alimentazione: acciaio inox AISI 304 o 316 Main feed pipe: stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
Cassetta per giunzioni elettriche / tubo per cavi elettrici Electric junction box / conduit pipe
Tiranti di ancoraggio/ Dime di fondazione Foundation bolts / Ancorage templates
Finitura: zincatura a caldo Finish: hot dip galvanized
Verniciaturà antifuoco intumescente Intumescent fire resistant painting

Certificazioni - Certifications

Solo di riferimento - For reference only

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